An Online Booking System with Zoom Integration That Takes the Pain Out of Running a Lesson and Classes-Based Business

Your clients want to learn about exciting new hobbies, whether it’s capturing the perfect shot on a digital photography course or getting into the rhythm with dance classes or yoga. At BookingHound, we know how spirited your clients are about becoming the jack of new trade and how much your activity centre means to you. And if you’re busy running yoga lessons or Sushi cooking classes, then we imagine you probably don’t have the time to take care of the booking side of things.

The BookingHound course booking system boasts Zoom integration and takes charge of online booking, appointment planning, payment handling, and marketing, leaving you to focus on your clients. It’s your all-in-one business management solution.

Your customers are craving to try something new and enrich their precious free time, so they don’t want to spend centuries booking their arts and crafts experiences or their once-in-a-lifetime flying lessons. They want to give their brain and body a thought-provoking workout and get out of their comfort zone with a thrilling new activity.

Luckily, BookingHound’s central reservation system manages your lifestyle lessons, cookery classes, and flying courses for your peace of mind, leaving your lesson-seeking customers – and you – to stop for a breath and enjoy the things you love. BookingHound runs everything for you, so your clients can get stuck into the memory-making, hands-on experiences they crave, whether it’s blending the most magnificent scents in a perfume-making session or taking part in a glass-blowing workshop.

Your customers don’t want to spend forever on your website. They want to dive straight into the world of skills and improvement. They long to learn a fresh talent to show off at the next dinner party, get-together, or Instagram post.

What’s more, your clients will applaud you for giving them the means to do just that – via the BookingHound activity booking software. From bookings to payments, our channel manager system helps you streamline and automate the operations of your activity centre.



Because Tantalising Thai Cooking Classes, Hair-Raising Helicopter Lessons, and Fabulous Flower-Making Workshops Start at the Moment of Booking

An Event Booking System That Saves You Time at Every Step

An Incomparably Effortless Activity Management System, Made to Take Care of All Your Gliding Lessons, Horse Riding Experience Gifts, and More

QR Code

Before their helicopter pilot course or British sign language lesson, BookingHound delivers a unique QR code to your customer’s smartphone.


Zoom Integration

Our integration with Zoom makes it a breeze for training businesses to schedule and optionally charge for a Zoom class, meeting,  or seminar.

Link Multiple Zoom Accounts

Allocate a different Zoom account to each individual BookingHound user. Once set up, you can link a unique BookingHound user and their own Zoom account to any specific BookingHound course or lesson.

Eradicates Paper Forms & Waivers

BookingHound sends digital forms to your customers before their ‘learn a skill’ day, so they’re fully prepared to scuba dive, cook, or fly when they arrive.

So Long, Double Bookings

No more expensive no-shows or double bookings with BookingHound’s class booking system. Check your activity schedule, wherever, whenever.

Real-Time Availability

Fast and efficient, the BookingHound class scheduling software alters your bookings and availability bookings in real-time. Using our lesson booking software, your customers can see when you change your availability - in real-time.

Better Activity Management Starts Here

Picture the scene: you’re checking and preparing commercial kitchen equipment in London for a Japanese cooking class, but discover the oven doesn’t work. Don’t panic. Rather than flipping out at the very thought of having to contact each cooking enthusiast about rearranging their lesson, you pull out your smartphone and launch BookingHound from your web browser.

Happily, every single one of your skill-seeking customers is alerted either by email and/or SMS. Then, all your clients can rearrange their workshop themselves so they can discover a new direction or achieve their lifelong ambition.


Online Bookings and Zoom Integration

BookingHound integrates effortlessly with Zoom, so you can run and schedule classes, meetings, seminars, and activities online. You can choose to run your sessions with one client through to an unlimited number of customers, depending on what you need.

And all it takes is a couple of mouse clicks to reschedule bookings and update customers. Just recall your information and determine payment promptly – no need to spend a lifetime on the phone to clients or typing out time-wasting emails.

Our Features

Sell More Lessons and Classes.
Spend Less Time Doing It.

You’re a course provider. So, you’re more often than not supervising numerous things simultaneously. One minute, you’re overseeing a helicopter pilot course. Next, you’re checking over recording equipment to ensure it works correctly for a client’s studio session experience. You often burn the candle at both ends.

Give yourself some respite and quench your clients’ thirst for all things new and exciting with our top-tier, intuitive BookingHound application. Let your soul-seeking, experience-loving customers cook up a storm and sharpen their culinary skills in the kitchen with a fun-filled cooking lesson. Leave them to brush up on their language skills with an online course in Spanish or Frenchwithout the hassle of having to lift a phone or type out an email. If you want less admin and more time to connect, register with BookingHound now.

Our industry-leading software delivers all the features you need to control your calendar and swiftly accelerate your activity business. You can use the web browser on your smartphone, laptop, or tablet – day or night – to book all your courses, lessons, and workshops. We know you’re a go-getter and that you work your fingers to the bone, so you’ll be pleased to know you can manage bookings and exchange gift vouchers using any mobile device.

How BookingHound Works

An All-in-One Suite That Takes the Stress Our of Selling More Lessons and Classes

  • Software that integrates and accepts bookings on your website, 24/7.

  • Online booking system that takes safe, integrated, and flexible online payments.

  • Integrates immaculately with Zoom so you can run your lessons and classes online.

  • Our personalised booking system deals with your timetable so you can treat your clients to the new and exciting hobbies they yearn to discover.

  • See all your information, anywhere, anytime, from your smartphone, laptop, or tablet (everything's in the cloud!).

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Step 2: Sell

Using Bookinghound’s business development & marketing tools.
Make empty seats a thing of the past with Bookinghound’s business development tools.

Step 3: Manage

Clients, availability, bookings & comprehensive reporting.
Easy to use client / booking management - all from one simple to use admin area.

Whatever size your business…

BookingHound has an online booking solution that’s ideal for you!
Designed with over 12 years experience in the Activity and experience marketplace, BookingHound helps drive sales, increase attendance, lower operational costs, improve productivity as well as customer satisfaction.

As BookingHound is ‘Cloud’ based, this means it can be rapidly deployed for your business within minutes and with our constant program of continuous enhancement, you can rest assured you will have the latest in software technology available to you at your fingertips.

Check out Beyonk our parent company for another class online booking system, or contact us and we'll advise the best solution for your business needs.

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