Excellence, Trust, Honesty, Openness, Service

Two key goals we have in mind at all times are:

  1. To ensure our customers' online booking experience is super easy so their businesses are as productive and profitable as they can be.
  2. To deliver the best in class customer service.

But how do we achieve these lofty goals?
We have five company values that guide everything we do. Each represents the way we work with each other and with our customers. The BookingHound company ethos guarantees Excellence, Trust, Honesty, Openness, and Service to our clients.

BookingHound Holds a Deep Commitment to Service

BookingHound’s vision is to be your trusted adviser and the booking system of choice for multi-activity centres, training and course providers, events companies, concerts, festival organisers, organising your appointments, consultations, and meetings.

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Our corporate culture embraces the five philosophies that comprise our values. And these philosophies facilitate everything we develop and the way we develop it. Each of our team adopts these essential values, appreciates them, and acts on them. Not only this, our customers gain from our ethics whenever they integrate our online booking system into their website or reach out to our friendly customer service team!

The BookingHound E-T-H-O-S

'E' - Excellence

Achieving Excellence Together

We’re devoted to excellence when it comes to your booking software and will create something you’ll be proud of - we continually build better ways of doing things. For instance, our software features are always evolving – future phases have been planned and will be developed based on our customers’ requirements.

Instead of resting on our achievements, we continually develop them in our professional journey to be the best we can be and establish new benchmarks in our industry. We demand more of ourselves than our customers do. We strive to go the extra mile in every project so that your individual BookingHound system is simple to set up, simple to use, and simple to maintain so you can run your business effectively.


'T' - Trust

We’re a Brand You Can Trust

Not only is BookingHound an online booking and reservation system, but it's also a powerful business management system that you can count on and trust. We speak truthfully. We believe in one another. Developing trust entails faith, confidence, patience, and determination. We do what we say we’ll do.

We use a customer-first approach in every decision we make and delight in supporting customers across the globe.


'H' - Honesty

We Act with Honesty

We operate with honesty. We communicate internally and externally with unhesitating transparency, sincerity, and respect. We take pride in being truthful and open with our clients and community. Honesty’s the backbone for all we say and do.

This genuineness enables us to encourage each other and, in turn, makes our work more interesting, fun, and meaningful.


'O' - Openness

Openness Supports Honesty

We’re committed to working with our clients openly and collaboratively. BookingHound’s purpose is to help our customers succeed by boosting their revenue, so openness and a customer-oriented approach are paramount in all our decision-making processes.

We stand out in our transparent, open communication with our customers, largely thanks to our passionate, enthusiastic team. They demonstrate dedication, ambition, and collaboration, which are crucial qualities for helping both clients and one another thrive.


'S' - Service

Stellar Customer Service

Here at BookingHound, we endeavour to deliver the best service in our industry. Our knowledge is backed by our selection of credible customer reviews that are proof of our expertise and efforts. 

It takes substantial leadership, originality, and ingenuity to be one of the best online booking systems. Our energetic team is devoted to bringing you the best online booking software. By suggesting best practice ideas, they aim to deliver a first-rate service to you, our valued customer.



The Booking Software That
Makes Things Simple.

Transform your business today

Are you ready to boost your revenue, save time, and cut costs? Follow your passions and let BookingHound handle the bookings. Ditch the generic event management system and a labyrinth of spreadsheets – custom-built booking software such as BookingHound streamlines manual processes and provides you with the tools your business needs to flourish.

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With BookingHound you can start immediately!

It’s as EASY AS 1 – 2 – 3

Step 1 : Create

Using our super simple Set-Up Wizard. Be ready to sell in minutes!
Will guide you through creating your account, your packages, tickets and pricing!

Step 2: Sell

Using Bookinghound’s business development & marketing tools.
Make empty seats a thing of the past with Bookinghound’s business development tools.

Step 3: Manage

Clients, availability, bookings & comprehensive reporting.
Easy to use client / booking management - all from one simple to use admin area.

Whatever size your business…

BookingHound has an online booking solution that’s ideal for you!
Designed with over 12 years experience in the Activity and experience marketplace, BookingHound helps drive sales, increase attendance, lower operational costs, improve productivity as well as customer satisfaction.
As BookingHound is ‘Cloud’ based, this means it can be rapidly deployed for your business within minutes and with our constant program of continuous enhancement, you can rest assured you will have the latest in software technology available to you at your fingertips.

Get started with BookingHound is easy