How Bookinghound can help improve your volume of bookings

Bookinghound is a ‘real-time’ Enterprise web based booking & business management system that provides an extensive range of business development, sales, marketing and reporting features for Activity, Event, Corporate, Tour and Training organisations.

It is a world class on-demand Software as a Service Cloud Computing application that delivers powerful business automation and reporting via a browser which allows you to run your business from anywhere you can access the internet.

Always on

In our 10+ years experience of developing booking systems, we have found that by having an online booking capability, which is available 24/7/365 to take dated bookings, could increase the number of web site enquiries to bookings ratio by up to 30%

In addition to this, there are several ways in which Bookinghound might further help you to sell more tickets or spaces.

For example:
– Working with Agents
– Variable pricing
– Promotions
– Selling and redeeming Vouchers
– And our Viral ticket feature

Lets look at some of these great features.

Agents/3rd Party Sellers

Working with agents can be a good idea as they can often help to extend the reach of your product.

Bookinghound has many powerful features to help you work with agents including an option to allow agent purchase orders to be accepted or not, functionality to encourage agents to sell your “less busy” slots, you can even allow the agent to have a remote login so they can make their own bookings, meaning you can spend more time running your business!

Your customers can also redeem their agent vouchers online and make dated bookings.

Needless to say, there are a range of reports to help you manage your agents and their redemptions also.

Variable Pricing

Another way that Bookinghound can help improve your volume of bookings is with a really powerful feature that allows you to vary the price of whatever you offer by each time slot, day of the week or party size.

Just imagine, you could offer a reduced price when you are least busy which could help improve both your volume of bookings as well as help with any load balancing issues you might have.

Promotion Codes

A common and popular way to help drive bookings is by the use of Promotion codes.

You can set as many promo codes up as you might like within Bookinghound and as you can imagine, you have a great deal of control over their specific application.

For example, you can control if they are valid for everything you offer or just specific activities, you can set a maximum number of uses, you can set the validity date range as well as the activity date range the promos are valid for.

Voucher Sales & Redemptions

Taking direct or agent bookings is great if your customer knows what and when they want to do something, but what if they don’t?

This is where you need the comprehensive Bookinghound Voucher sales and redemption feature whereby you can offer 5 different types of vouchers.

As well as setting up as many different voucher types as you might need, you can also design your voucher templates using the built in template editor.

You can control many aspects of your vouchers including the vouchers display and validity dates as well as the day of the week a voucher might be valid for.

Should you wish to offer the option of a extending a voucher, this can also be accommodated also.

Viral Ticket Sales

This optional and valuable feature makes use of your customers’ network of contacts once they have booked with you.

This is how it works, once your customer has made their booking, they are presented with a page that gives them the opportunity to let their friends, family and colleagues know what they are doing either via Facebook, Linkedin or email.

In the event of a new booking, the new booker gets a discount (or not !) – and you decide how much.

You can set a viral ticket up for specific activities as well as set the validity date range, the use by and expiry date.


We hope this has given you some idea of how the powerful features of Bookinghound might help your business.

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