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Gift cards and gift vouchers go beyond
being simple fads or gimmicks.

They’ve become an enormously efficient way to boost profits and, in some cases, are practically indispensable options for businesses to offer. Our online gift card software offers gift card functionality and integrates seamlessly with your company. It’s a low-cost way for you to increase sales, improve brand awareness, and encourage repeat business. 

Here are just some of the reasons to consider implementing a BookingHound activity centre booking and gift voucher online system.


Multiple Use Gift Vouchers

Your customer can redeem their gift voucher numerous times. With BookingHound, our multiple-use feature means you can also specify which days of the week the voucher is valid for.

It’s ideal for any business wanting to provide their customers with an easy-to-use, repeatable gift voucher redemption service.


Gift Certificates 

While gift certificates aren’t as commonplace as gift vouchers, they can still be beneficial. For example, a £15 gift voucher can be changed to a gift certificate, so the value isn’t shown.

If you’re a multi-activity centre or training course provider, you could sell gift certificates entitling the recipient to a free driving day or free course. Or introduce new customers to your services and, of course, make money by selling the certificates themselves.

A gift certificate for a free activity, for example, can make for a more personal and desirable gift rather than a gift voucher with money on it.


Branded Gift Package

Unlike other online gift voucher software, our system lets you brand your vouchers with your business name and logo. So, you can create a personalised gift card to reflect your brand and enhance engagement. By crafting a unique standout design, you’ll provide a constant reminder of who issued your customer with their gift.

We have over 40 free-of-charge templates to choose from, which we’ve split into categories for you.


Forgetting Birthdays is a Thing of the Past 

Gone are the days of forgetting someone’s birthday. It’s worth having an online gift card system on your website, as customers can simply print a recipient’s gift card from home, right away. No waiting time involved – it’s the ultimate last-minute gift purchase!


Quick and Effortless Redemption 

Managing the redemption process is as easy as 1-2-3, and it’s all online and taken care of by BookingHound. Redeem in just one click. We understand your frontline team are often working hard on their feet dealing with your customers. So, our online gift card software is designed with ease in mind. Your customers can assess if a voucher is valid and redeem immediately.


Control the Validity of the Voucher

You can set the redemption prices and have a certain gift voucher for a certain period. For example, you can create an event-specific voucher, such as one for Father’s Day, which is valid for a Segway experience on Father’s Day only. Or even one that’s off-peak, between, say, 8 pm and 11 pm, Monday to Thursday.

Essentially, you can micromanage the validity of the voucher.


Automatic Delivery by Post or Email

The BookingHound online gift card system takes care of your email vouchers, sending them out automatically, immediately after purchase. Or, we’ll help you create and send out physical vouchers in the post.

Your customer can even opt to send a personalised message with their voucher, which helps communicate your brand even more.

If your customer chooses a postal delivery, you can:

  • Manage print, personalisation and postage
  • Send out an attractive box to your customer containing their gift card

If your customer chooses email delivery, they’ll:

  • Receive email gift vouchers straightaway
  • A custom PDF copy in each email

Reporting Functionality

Even better, your gift card sales are displayed in our extensive range of reports, giving you a full-on insight into all the gift cards delivered and their remaining balances.

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