Booking Checkout Screen

Use Checkout Questions to help protect your staff and guests

BookingHound is an online booking system that provides an extensive range of business development tools as well as amazing features for any type of organisation or business, one of them being our ‘Checkout Questions’ Feature.


As we start to come out of the Covid-19 lockdown phase, its important that your attendees declare their possible virus exposure in order to protect both your staff and other attendees.


This is where BookingHounds’ Customer Checkout Questions can help.


Take a look at the booking widget example below which has been setup to ask the customer 3 key questions, ALL of which must be agreed to before the order can be completed.


Make your booking mobile screen

In 3 quick and easy steps, you can create and ask your own questions for this or any other subject. There are no limits !


No matter what your customers want to book, having a feature rich online booking system will be a great addition to your operation. 

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