'Contactless' Booking Features

The Top 6 BookingHound Contactless Booking Features


Take a look at how our top 6 contactless booking features can help your organisation…

Contactless Booking Features

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With clients across the globe and servicing multiple markets, BookingHound.com develops, sells & manages a real-time, SaaS online booking & business management system that provides an extensive range of business development, sales, marketing and reporting features for Activity, Event, Tour and Training organisations. BookingHound.com aims to exceed customers’ expectations by offering an ever-evolving, feature-rich, SaaS business application in a cost effective manner whilst focusing on generating high levels of customer satisfaction.

BookingHound.com’s booking platform, together with its management experience and real-world industry expertise, offers tremendous added value in supporting customers, helping them achieve their business goals. BookingHound.com’s intention and key design goal from its business inception was to build a one-size-fits-all booking platform that is accessible to everyone regardless of the size of their business or complexity of needs.

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