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Pampering Business

Whether your customers enjoy deep tissue massages, immersive isolation tanks, or serene swimming lessons, BookingHound understands how passionate your clients are about pampering themselves and how passionate you are about your spa day business. And if you’re busy running beauty and wellness days, then we’re pretty sure you won’t have the time to handle the booking side of things, right?

The BookingHound spa software takes care of online booking, appointment scheduling, payment processing, and marketing so that you can concentrate on your clients. It’s your one-stop-shop spa management software solution.

Your customers don’t want to spend forever booking luxury spa days or a therapeutic yoga class. They want to experience pure pampering pleasure, be it blissing out at a spa or treating themselves to a traditional afternoon tea.

Thankfully, BookingHound’s spa appointment booking software takes care of your massage days, spa day experiences, and afternoon tea experiences smoothly, leaving your customers – and you – to relax. We do all the hard work for you, so your clients can breathe easy and get the serious self-care they deserve, whether it’s putting their feet up at a health club or indulging in a magical make-over.

Your spa-seeking customers don’t want to spend hours on your website, they yearn to relax and unwind with cucumbers on their eyes. They crave their pains and aches to be eased away by the hands of a professional and your customers will commend you on offering them a way to do just that – via the BookingHound spa management system. From bookings to payments, our spa booking system helps your spa convert and capture more potential customers.



Because Sumptuous Spa Days, Tranquil Afternoon Tea Experiences, and Mesmerising Massages Start at the Moment of Booking

Grow Your Spa and Help Clients Always Feel Their Best with BookingHound

Refreshingly Simple Reservation Software, Designed to Run All Your Pampering Experiences, Swimming Lessons, and More

A Contactless Experience

Before their tranquil treatment or delectable lunch, our software delivers a unique QR code to your client’s smartphone. With self-check-in, there most definitely won’t be any paper documents covered in massage oil!

No More No Shows

The BookingHound online booking engine notifies clients about their appointments, informing them of any changes. It’s the best spa management software for spa owners.

Anywhere, Anytime Reservations

Whether you’re performing facial treatments or training new hires, our salon and spa software keeps track of all your appointment bookings, so you never miss a beat. Even better, your website deals with reservations and payments – leaving you to enjoy some ‘me’ time.

Eliminates Waivers and Paper Forms

Save time for your staff and clients. BookingHound sends digital forms to your clients before their relaxing day, so they’re all set to indulge in your service on their arrival.

Save Money

Not every business is the same, We provide a choice of pricing tiers to meet the needs of businesses, large or small. View our pricing tiers here to find what suits your business best. 

Real-Time Availability

Fast and functional, the BookingHound spa reservation system adjusts your bookings and availability bookings in real-time. With our spa appointment booking software, your clients can see when you update your availability - in real-time.

Manage Your Spa and Give Clients the Restoring Experiences They’ll Keep Coming Back for with Our Powerful Online Booking System

Imagine the scene: you’re doing some business bookkeeping. But suddenly, a member of staff rushes in to tell you the swimming pool pump has broken. Don’t worry. Instead of losing your rag at the very thought of having to postpone each client’s spa day experience, you dig out your smartphone and open BookingHound from your web browser.

Luckily, every single one of your relaxation-loving customers is forewarned either by email and/or SMS. Then, all your clients can reorganise their steamy sauna or Swedish massage themselves for some well-deserved TLC.


Streamline Your Spa or Beauty Business with BookingHound

In just a few mouse clicks, you can reorganise bookings and inform customers. With the BookingHound software, you just recall your information and ascertain payment promptly – no more time spent speaking at length to clients on the phone or typing out time-consuming emails.

Our Features

Concentrate on Client Experiences,
Not Everyday Tasks

You’re a spa and wellness business owner. So, you’re continually overseeing multiple things at once. One day, you’re giving a client a collagen treatment. The next, you’re checking spa equipment to make sure it’s functioning correctly. You’re spread thinly.

Give yourself a break and give your customers the pure serenity they’ll keep coming back for with our industry-leading, intuitive spa software. Leave your clients to plan their overnight spa stay, photoshoot, or mud bathwithout the trouble of having to lift a phone or write an email. Hang up the phone and do what you love by signing up with BookingHound today.

Our spa booking and scheduling software gives you all the features you need to manage your calendar and speedily escalate your spa business. You can use the web browser on your smartphone, laptop, or tablet – wherever, whenever – to book all your massages, facials, swimming lessons, and manicures. We know you work hard, so we’ve designed BookingHound so you can handle your bookings and exchange gift vouchers using any mobile device.

How BookingHound Works

BookingHound’s Made to Invigorate and Rejuvenate Your Pampering Business

  • Software that integrates and accepts bookings on your website, 24/7.

  • Online booking software that takes secure, integrated, and flexible online payments.

  • A slick, smooth-running reservation system that streamlines your spa business.

  • Our bespoke booking program handles your to-do list while you treat your customers to a day of bliss.

  • See all your information, day and night, from your smartphone, laptop, or tablet (everything's in the cloud!).

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Using our super simple Set-Up Wizard. Be ready to sell in minutes!
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Step 2: Sell

Using Bookinghound’s business development & marketing tools.
Make empty seats a thing of the past with Bookinghound’s business development tools.

Step 3: Manage

Clients, availability, bookings & comprehensive reporting.
Easy to use client / booking management - all from one simple to use admin area.

Whatever size your business…

BookingHound has an online booking solution that’s ideal for you!
Designed with over 12 years experience in the Activity and experience marketplace, BookingHound helps drive sales, increase attendance, lower operational costs, improve productivity as well as customer satisfaction.
As BookingHound is ‘Cloud’ based, this means it can be rapidly deployed for your business within minutes and with our constant program of continuous enhancement, you can rest assured you will have the latest in software technology available to you at your fingertips.

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