Social Distancing

Social Distancing – #wecanhelp

How can help your organisation plan, manage and implement for its social distancing needs

The Objective

Many of our customers are now looking to get their staff back to work and also to engage with their customers – whatever industry they are in.

The UK government have issued clear guidelines on how to manage social distancing which can be found here:

The Problem

It is now obligatory to ensure that everyone observe the 2m social distance requirements.

Therefore, for many organisations, simply arriving unannounced and then possibly waiting around in a crowded area is no longer acceptable.

The new paradigm of social distancing now requires a new methodology for organisations accepting and managing appointments for all of its needs.

The Solution

By implementing an advance booking process for your offices or customers, you make it safer for everyone concerned.

This is where BookingHound can help.

BookingHound is a mobile friendly, feature rich and highly configurable web-based application that provides an integrated online booking and reservation solution that is designed to comprehensively promote, sell and manage wide range of activities, courses, events or even meetings.

BookingHound allows you to easily make reservations as well as pay for real-time bookings direct into a live availability diary or purchase and/or redeem a variety of gift voucher types.

By way of pedigree, we have been in the online booking system business since 2010 and have over 1,200 users internationally.

A short promo video about BookingHound can be viewed from this link:

How does it work

By using the powerful core functionality of the BookingHound platform, you can quickly and easily setup flexible time slot schedules which means you can manage your social distancing obligations with ease.

You decide if you want a specific time slot per appointment/meeting or limit a number of attendees per time slot.

Once each activity/event is setup using our easy and quick setup wizard, you simply copy a piece of code that is provided by the system which is then embedded on your website as a ‘BOOK NOW’ booking button. 

Various presentation options are available including a list, calendar view or dedicated webpage.

Additionally, the system provides the link needed for your social media presence.

When a reservation or order is received both you as well as the attendee, receive a confirmation email and any monies paid are immediately sent directly to your bank via the payment gateway.


All the help you might need is available from the legendary BookingHound support team.

The Outcome

No more overcrowding with happier & safer customers and staff

Next steps

We invite you to contact us via email: and we get back to you straight away.


With clients across the globe and servicing multiple markets, develops, sells & manages a real-time, SaaS online booking & business management system that provides an extensive range of business development, sales, marketing and reporting features for Activity, Event, Tour and Training organisations. aims to exceed customers’ expectations by offering an ever-evolving, feature-rich, SaaS business application in a cost effective manner whilst focusing on generating high levels of customer satisfaction.’s booking platform, together with its management experience and real-world industry expertise, offers tremendous added value in supporting customers, helping them achieve their business goals.