On-line Surveys:

โ€œWant to know what your customers REALLY think ?โ€

Online customer surveys can and usually do make a positive difference to a business.

Finding out your customerโ€™s opinion after they have attended an event, activity, meeting or training course will help ensure you are in the best position to deliver the very best possible customer service.

Surveys are an efficient and cost effective way of collecting customer data.

Why online surveys with Bookinghound?

Online surveys are efficient at collecting customer data. With Bookinghound, they can be setup quickly and are designed to be very easy for your customers to complete.

Once a response is submitted, the data is automatically appended to the customers Bookinghound database record and available for detailed reporting – Imagine, not having to re-enter paper responses !

This new feature is available to all ‘Enterprise’ plan customers. If you would like to upgrade from your current plan, please call the Bookinghound sales team on +44(0) 208 207 3323.