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The Importance of a Class Booking System For Your Training Courses

Online booking systems are beneficial for a variety of businesses. From fitness classes to festivals and events, they can streamline the booking process. But do you know why an effective system is so vital for your training course booking? Whether you run digital or in-person courses, here’s how an online course booking system can benefit you and those enrolling on your course.


An online booking system is a form of software that allows you to manage reservations for your service.

When running a training course, it’s important to know how many people will be attending the course ahead of time. Whether your course runs over a weekend or is an ongoing weekly occurrence, knowing who’s attending in advance can help you plan your sessions more effectively.

Perhaps your course can only run if a certain number of people book on. If this is the case, an online booking system makes it quick and easy to see how many people have signed up in the run-up to your course. You’ll be able to see whether it’s viable to go ahead with your event at a glance.

What’s more, with BookingHound, our handy waitlist feature means you won’t lose any bookings if somebody drops out. You can offer the place to somebody who’s signed up as a reserve. Alternatively, your booking system may allow you to create a ‘last-minute deal’ incentive to ensure you have enough people for your course to run.


As well as making course booking easier for you, an effective online system makes the process smoother for your attendees. They can sign up in a few easy steps but an online course booking system also helps them access the course itself more easily.

With BookingHound, you have the option to add a customer portal, so your course attendees can check and manage their bookings. An improved user experience right from the start will lead to higher customer satisfaction levels.

Are you running a virtual course? Using a system like BookingHound means you can add your Zoom links so attendees can find you on the day with minimal fuss.

Health and Safety

Does your course require health and safety paperwork? An online booking system with an integrated waiver form feature can significantly reduce your workload.

You could get participants to sign a paper copy on the day — but wouldn’t you rather know that legalities are all taken care of ahead of time? Our Enterprise package makes health and safety protocols a doddle. You can create waiver forms for your customers to complete and sign digitally in advance.


Are there any last-minute changes or details your customers need to know before the course? Perhaps you want to schedule an email reminder to avoid attendees missing out. Or maybe you need them to fill out a questionnaire just before the course date. Online booking systems help you manage a variety of customer communication forms — all on one convenient dashboard.

Reporting and Feedback

Want to know what attendees think about your course? Feedback is vital for ensuring you’re providing an enjoyable experience that more prospective customers will want to join. You can find out what your attendees liked about your course and what they feel you could improve on.

A course booking system with an integrated survey function makes it easy to access this information without having to direct them to another website or take extra steps.

Course Booking Solutions from BookingHound

From crafting to first aid — whatever kind of training course you provide, make sure the event runs smoothly from preparation to reporting, with a comprehensive online event booking system from BookingHound.

Take a look at our features and packages to work out which version is right for you. Know which one you want to go for? Contact us for a demo and to get started.