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All Your Marketing & Booking Puzzles Solved

Your thrill-seeking clients crave a proper brain workout. They want to race against the clock and triumph in an escape room experience. At BookingHound, we understand your puzzle-solving customers want to blitz mental and physical contests in immersive-themed rooms. We also know you’re passionate about your escape rooms centre. Chances are you’re hard at it, managing haunted mansion escape game experiences or perhaps Wild West-themed sessions. So, maybe you need a hand with the booking side of your company.

Fortunately, the BookingHound scheduling system takes care of it all, including promotions, online booking, payments, and calendar scheduling, so you can give your clients the attention they deserve. It’s your all-singing, all-dancing online booking software solution.

An Effortless Way to Handle Your Clients, Payments, and Escape Houses Using One, Streamlined System

Your adventure-adoring customers are itching to use their logical thinking, mathematical abilities, and problem-solving skills to blast through each escape room and surely won’t appreciate having to spend a lifetime booking their Alice in Wonderland virtual escape room or immersive Sherlock-themed adventure. Your codebreaking clients care for cracking puzzles and donning their detective hats. They’re yearning to get stuck into a nail-biting experience and put their determination and resilience to the test.

Coincidentally, BookingHound’s online booking system has all the tools and support to give you a leg up, whether you have one escape room or a hundred. It handles it all for you, so your investigative, experience-loving customers can plunge themselves into a spine-tingling adventure, on-site or online, whether it’s casting spells in a wizard-themed experience, solving murder mysteries, or escaping psycho-killers.



Because Hair-Raising Escape Entertainment and Adrenaline-Fuelled Virtual Escape Rooms Start at the Moment of Booking

Your mystery-mad customers aren’t fans of spending an incalculable amount of time on your website.

They’re all about locked rooms, challenging puzzles, franticly running around with their friends, unscrambling riddles, and fleeing to victory before the clock hits zero.

What’s more, your thrill-seeking clients will be delighted you’ve presented them with a way to achieve this easily – via the BookingHound online booking platform. From bookings to online payments, our escape room scheduling software allows you to concentrate on what’s important – which is ensuring that, from the moment your customers step through the door, they’re having a brilliant time.

How BookingHound Works

Escape the Stress with BookingHound

One of the Most Exceptionally Effortless Booking Systems, Made to Manage All Your Escape Room Entertainment, Online Escape Room Days, and More

QR Code

Ahead of their heart-racing Sherlock Holmes experience or breath-taking crystal maze day, your codebreaking client obtains a one-off QR code on their smartphone.

Putting Your Customers in the Driving Seat

Let your clients see what’s on the book and choose the game, date and time they desire. They can schedule their experience and make a payment wherever, whenever, using any device.

Be Bookable, Anytime, Anywhere

Make your escape rooms business do the hard work, even when you aren’t actually there! Empower your customers and let them book your escape experience days anytime, anywhere.

Ciao, Paper Forms and Waivers!

Prior to their escape entertainment experience, we’ll send a digital form to your customer to make sure they’re ready to race against the clock when they come.

Double Bookings Are a Thing of the Past

It’s adios to frustrating double bookings and expensive no-shows! The BookingHound system lets you see your schedule, 24/7.

Real-Time Synchronising

Swift and resourceful, the BookingHound escape room scheduling system updates your  appointments and availability in real-time. With our online booking system, every appointment or amendment made by staff or clients is instantly obvious to all.

Manage Your In-Venue and Virtual Reality Escape Room Experiences with BookingHound's Smart Software

Picture the scene: One day, you’re at one of your Escape Rooms when you discover a prop from the pirate ship is missing or a piece of equipment breaks suddenly. Don’t panic. Instead of losing your temper as you imagine all the time-consuming phone calls and emails you’ll need to make to each and every customer, pick up your smartphone and open BookingHound from your web browser.

Happily, each of your puzzle-loving clients is warned either by SMS and/or email. Afterwards, every customer can rearrange their day, whether it’s a cocktail-infused escape room or nostalgic Crystal Maze adventure, so they enjoy an incredibly engaging, mind-bending adventure they won’t forget in a hurry.


Schedule Smarter and Grow Faster with BookingHound’s Escape Room Reservation System

Ready to unlock the ground-breaking BookingHound system? It only takes a few clicks of a mouse button to reorganise reservations and inform clients. Simply recall your info and control payments punctually – no customer phone calls or emails in sight!

Our Features

Lock-In More Puzzle Pros and Clue Klutzes. Spend Less Time Doing It.

You’re an escape room centre. So, your time’s spent taking care of multiple things simultaneously. One day, you’re at Mission Breakout in London. Next, you’re checking out technical equipment to make sure it works properly for a client’s dungeon experience game. You often overdo it.

Stop doing what you’re doing and pause to quench your clients’ thirsts for all things immersive with our innovative, industry-leading BookingHound system. Let your mystery solvers engross themselves in an adrenaline-charged prison break escape room and save yourself having to lift a phone or thrash out an email. Ready to offload your workload? Join BookingHound today.

Our flagship platform possesses all the features needed to manage your timetable and quickly take your escape room business to new heights. Using the web browser on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, you can book all your escape entertainment experiences in seconds. We know you’re an overachiever and that you give your all, constantly. So, we designed the BookingHound platform to deal with bookings and exchange gift vouchers using any mobile device.

How BookingHound Works

Unraveling the Riddle of Handling Bookings and Boosting Your Escape Rooms Sales

  • A reservation system that integrates and accepts bookings via your website, continuously.

  • Takes secure, integrated, and flexible payments online.

  • BookingHound boasts highly bespoke tools to help you manage and reserve your escape room bookings, equipment, and gamemasters.

  • See all your data, anytime, anywhere, using your laptop, smartphone, or tablet (everything's in the cloud!).

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