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Tips For Choosing The Right Online Event Booking System

In the busy life of an event organiser, there’s nothing worse than your booking system failing on you. Choosing the right online event booking system can boost engagement, improve revenue, increase efficiency and deliver valuable insights — all while making your life easier.

Sometimes, finding a system that meets your needs can be a challenge. But the following tips can help you track down the online event booking system that delivers a frictionless experience for you and your attendees.

Define your goals

First things first, get your team together and define your goals before shopping around for a tech solution. Think about the needs of different roles and the problems they need your online event booking system to solve.

Buying an off the peg solution because everybody is using it can be tempting. But it can also be a mistake. A one-size-fits-all solution may not be suitable for you, so do your research.

Prioritise your needs

The right tool can help you increase participation, save money, deliver flexible payment options and much more. First, however, you need to make a list of your needs so you can get the features you want.

We offer three plans that integrate online booking with powerful business management tools to keep everything flowing smoothly, including our contactless booking features. By selecting the best plan for you, you only pay for the functionality you need.

Know your attendees

Start by profiling the age and demographic of your target attendee and the events they enjoy. Now think about the experience you offer them and what you can do to go above and beyond their expectations.

Knowing what your event goers expect from their booking experience will help you deliver a seamless experience that ensures they book with you again.

Shortlist your options

Reading reviews is one way to find out what solutions other providers in your sector are using and talking about. Look out for negative comments or criticisms to help you assess whether the features on offer are right for your business.

Once you’ve shortlisted potential solutions, start comparing and contrasting the features on offer. For example, one system may seem ideal in every way, except there’s no mobile booking functionality. This exercise will help you refine what’s truly important for you in an online event booking system. We make it easy with an at-a-glance comparison of our great BookingHound features.

Get future-proofed

If you’re looking for a tech solution, make sure it’s future-proofed and can scale quickly with your business. For example, does the provider offer good levels of support and future upgrades as their service improves? If they do, you’ll have the reassurance that your provider is in for the long haul and will be there for your business as you grow.

When you’re picking an online event booking system, it’s crucial that you choose a platform capable of handling multiple events over a long period so you can onboard your team with the new system as seamlessly as possible.

Try a live demo

Sometimes the only way to discover if an online event booking system is right for you is to get hands-on and try it out for yourself. A demo will let you try out features in advance, so you don’t end up investing in a system that doesn’t work for your team.

At BookingHound, we offer a free 30-day trial, so you can explore the rich functionality our Pro and Enterprise solutions have to offer.

Alternatively, you can sign up for our Freedom package for free, and upgrade in future.

The BookingHound Difference

Getting started with the BookingHound contactless online event booking system is as easy as one-two-three! Create, sell and manage your bookings with our integrated all-in-one solution and be open for business 24/7.

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