BookingHound ROI Calculator

BookingHound ROI Calculator: Save Time & Money

So you’ve been tasked with organising event, activity or course booking for your business. Then you’ll have two options: doing it yourself or using an online booking system

Of course, when you’re implementing a system like BookingHound, you’ll need to balance the net gain against the cost of implementation. In other words, your business needs to know that the Return on Investment (ROI) is worth it. 

That’s why we’ve taken a deep dive into the great features of our BookingHound online booking system to calculate its ROI.

The BookingHound ROI Calculator

When you’re organising any type of bookingsit’s vital to take into account:

  • The time taken to process each booking
  • The salary of each booking operative
  • The average number of bookings per week or month
  • The hours you want be open to take bookings

Now compare those total costs with the ease of using BookingHound with its raft of great contactless booking features. Still not convinced? Read on to find out how much time and money you could save by using our online booking platform.

How much time and money could your business save?

Digitising your booking system might seem daunting, but you can make massive savings in time, effort and money. Here’s how:

No more calls

Let’s say your booking operatives spend ten minutes on each booking call. So manually booking 10,000 places a year averages out almost seven hours a day and that excludes weekends and statutory holidays. Now imagine how your team, which would need a minimum of 2 staff for this example plus holiday/sick cover, could spend all those hours building your business.

In short, by using BookingHound as your preferred online booking solution, you will be open 365 days of the year, 24 hours a day for a lot less cost £/$ than having your own staff answer the phone to process orders as your use of BookingHound can be free with our ‘Freedom’ plan.

BookingHound is easy to set up and automate, so your bookings take care of themselves. And with pricing from £0, you could keep 100% of your ticket price.

Anytime booking

Over 30% of bookings are made out of business hours. Without an online event booking system in place, you could be missing out on thousands of pounds worth of revenue as your customers go elsewhere. That’s why BookingHound lets your customers book online anytime.

Information sharing

Collecting booking data manually isn’t just time-consuming. It’s easy to lose pieces of paper, take down information incorrectly or even mix up details. In addition, if you run events, activities or courses at multiple venues, you could be looking at an administrative nightmare.

With an online booking system, you only need to take down details once, making recording and sharing vital information quick and easy. And with the BookingHound Checkout Questions feature, you can easily capture the information you need as part of the booking process.

Automate confirmations

If you want to burn through staff time, get your team to make manual confirmations. When only 33% of people listen to their voicemail, you run the risk of customers not receiving their booking confirmation at all. 

Missed attendance can cost your business a fortune. But using the BookingHound portal puts your customers in control of their booking. They’ll receive automatic confirmations and can make any amendments they need to dates and times saving your team valuable work hours.

Virtual assistant

An excellent online booking system does more than let you keep track of bookings. It also acts as a security guard for your staff by eliminating the need for walk-ups. And it’s a virtual assistant, automating the tasks that can be time-consuming for your team.

For example, with BookingHound, you can set up online waivers and feedback surveys so your attendees don’t waste time filling in forms on the day. In addition, there’s our fantastic contactless QR code check-in feature. There’s no need for your business to pay staff to oversee the process, and the streamlined arrival feature makes a tremendous first impression.

Are you looking to save time and money with an easy to use online booking system, if so, please contact us on 0800 980 4517