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8 Benefits of Using an Online Ticketing System for Your Events

Are you planning an event and looking for an all-in-one online ticketing system that’s easy to use and available 24/7? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

But how does an online ticketing system work and why should you use one as an extension of your business?

Here are eight reasons to take the next step.

1. You can use it for almost anything

Although not all event booking systems are created equally, a good professional platform will allow customers to tailor the system to the needs of their business. Using a simple and intuitive set-up wizard, they can build a ticketing system tailor-made for events, festivals, training courses, meetings and more.

2. It works for your business 24/7

Unlike your hardworking team members, an online ticketing system doesn’t need to sleep or take time off to recharge its batteries. It’ll never call in sick either. This means you can receive bookings 24/7 – even when your offices are closed for the night.

3. Works with almost any website

A good event booking system will integrate seamlessly with most content management systems – including WordPress, Wix, and GoDaddy. This is good news for your business because you won’t need to switch to new system architecture – a process that would otherwise disrupt your operations and cost money.

4. Accessible on any connected device

Investing in an online ticketing system only makes sense if your customers can access it whenever they want to – and on whichever device they prefer.

Fortunately, platforms like ours are compatible with all popular devices, including iPhones, iPads, and smartphones too. So you won’t miss out on much-needed traffic.

5. Integrates with video clients

Do you run training courses, classes, or seminars? Then you’ll be pleased to hear that, in many cases, online ticketing systems can be linked with Zoom to schedule and optionally charge for your virtual events.

If your sessions are chargeable, then you can ask attendees to pay first – making the process easier to manage.

6. Unlimited everything

There’s nothing more frustrating than being asked to upgrade when you thought you’d paid an all-inclusive price. Good systems (like ours) don’t charge for ‘extras’ that should come as standard.

Choose your booking platform carefully and make sure your provider doesn’t tag on fees to add users, activities, courses, or events. Otherwise, costs could climb and eat into your profits.

7. Optional Wait List Feature

Imagine a customer who wants to book on to a fully booked event. The chances of losing them at this stage are higher than usual. But what if you could save the booking by integrating a simple feature?

Some online ticketing systems allow customers to add themselves to a waiting list. All they have to do is specify the time and date they desire. As soon as that slot becomes available, the customer is notified.

8. Upsell your extras

Do you also sell merchandise, insurance, or food? Then why limit your profits by taking just bookings through your system. Instead, upsell your extras to customers who are already in a buying mood and more receptive.

Sell and manage better

Are you excited about the features outlined in this blog? Then you’ll be pleased to hear that BookingHound does all of the above and more. To ask us a question or request a demo, contact our team today.