So, why would a multi-activity centre need an online booking system?
Here’s why you need an activity centre booking system such as BookingHound. 
It empowers you to streamline your operations to reduce admin, stay organised and offer incentives and up-sell opportunities so you can delight your customers more than ever before.

How can BookingHound help your multi-activity centre?

Dashboard Functionality

As a business owner, you want to know what’s going on, in real-time. When you, as the business operator, log into BookingHound, that’s exactly what you get, and more. You’ll see a dashboard of measurements, containing things like:

  • The number of bookings you’ve taken that day and for the past 14 days
  • Income generated, for the past 14 days

This means you have finger-on-the-pulse, real-time when you go into the system – it’s just like an airline reservation system!

Convenience for You and Your Customers

Thanks to our outdoor activity centre booking software, your customers can happily book all your activities online, meaning you get to spend more quality time on your most important asset – your customers – when they’re actually with you on the day.

Here are just some of the benefits of our all-in-one reservations system for you and your customers:

  • Customers can make bookings wherever, whenever, 24/7
  • Saves you time and enables you to manage and maintain these bookings effortlessly
  • Reduces any errors made, e.g. over-booking
  • Our booking widget sits directly on your website and is mobile friendly

You could be on a Segway, leading a group of 10 people around a forest, and while you’re doing this, there could be orders coming in via BookingHound that you don’t have to worry about.

Convert to Voucher Function

During these uncertain times, operators may be getting anxious at having to give money back, should a customer decide to cancel an activity, and how this will affect cash flow.

Happily, we’ve created a one-click ‘convert to voucher’ button that converts a dated booking to a gift voucher for future use. Simply click once, and we take care of all the admin in the background.

Benefits include:

  • No waiting time.
  • Voucher automatically gets emailed to the customer
  • You, as the operator, can hold onto the money
  • No need to give cashback
  • Customer can book at another time, using the ‘redeem voucher’ function
  • One less thing for the customer to worry about

One Place, One Time

BookingHound provides multiple capabilities for multi-activity centres. In other words, there are no limits on the activities or experiences you can list.

You can:

  • Book numerous activities, from golf to kayaking to driving experiences
  • Add everything to your shopping basket easily using our new ‘content ready’ booking widget


During these unprecedented times, online booking has become a prerequisite and, as such, online sales have risen drastically.

The BookingHound activity centre booking system:

  • Enables multi-activity centres to control how many households can book into each time slot at one time
  • Ensures that all government track and trace procedures are followed using our QR code contactless check-in feature which also provides safety and assurance to your customers and staff alike

Not Just a Booking System

BookingHound goes beyond being merely a booking system – it’s an all-in-one business management system that:

  • Allows operators to manage their bookings with extensive control
  • Features full business and operational reporting
  • Includes live calendar bookings and sales management dashboard
  • Gives users an insight into their business performance

First Come, First Served

Perhaps you offer several activities for the same time slot but can only deliver one at a time.

No problem.

With BookingHound, our ‘First come, first served’ feature means that as soon as the first activity is booked for a particular time slot, that’s the only activity that can be booked. Everything else is taken offline.

Instant Online Payments

If your particular activity costs a lot of money, BookingHound lets your customers:

  • Pay online using booking software
  • Pay by deposit and then pay the balance online later via our customer portal

Booking Hound is a Stripe Verified Partner, we undertake a rigorous security and verification process with stripe, so that your users can be confident in the quality of our integration with Stripe. You can read more about this using the link below. joins Stripe Verified Partner Program

Paperless Disclaimer System

Operators can send out a waiver form that they can design themselves with their own questions. No paperwork in sight.

How does it work?

  • It goes out with the email confirmation and then gives your customers a clickable link
  • Your customer simply clicks on the link then goes online and digitally signs it, which is then recorded in the system and part of the order

Our unique outdoor activity centre booking software has so many enhanced features, just waiting to be used.

Take a look at how our top 6 contactless booking features can help your organisation…

Want to check out another Activity Centre Booking Software, then check out Beyonk our parent group. Or  get in contact and we can advise the best solution for your business needs.

What our clients say...

  • " We really couldn’t do without BookingHound

    We started with BookingHound in early 2016, hoping it would increase activity sales, simplify the booking process and make organising instructors to match orders more efficient. It’s done all of that but….

    What we didn’t realise was that nearly 30% of the visitors to our website prefer to book after normal working hours, so being open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week led to a massive increase in the volume of bookings.

    We take bookings online, over the phone, and from walk-ins and now that all availability is organised and controlled centrally by BookingHound it has made our business much more efficient.

    The amount of information the system provides is huge and helps us better understand not only the detail of our activities but also the buying habits of our customers who are now actively encouraged to book and pay through the system.

    The team at BookingHound took time to learn about our business and the value the system now delivers is immense. We really couldn’t do without BookingHound and we would highly recommend it to anyone looking for an online booking and reservation system.

    - Cluny Activities

  • " Everything needed to be able to get your customers booked in and through the door

    We have been using BookingHound for all of our online bookings, if there are any queries we know the team will always help and run us through how to figure it out. The system is really easy to get used to and has everything needed to be able to get your customers booked in and through the door.

    - Northampton Active

  • " BookingHound software has flexed to adapt to our needs

    Glencoe Activities have used BookingHound for over 7 years.
    We’ve long enjoyed the relationship with the company, and particularly appreciate the great support and helpful attitude of their team.
    The software has developed and changed over the years, and it always seems to keep abreast of trends in the activity industry, and the wider technological world.
    BookingHound software has flexed to adapt to our needs, and we really value the partnership we have.

    - Glencoe Activities

With BookingHound you can start immediately!

It’s as EASY AS 1 – 2 – 3

Step 1 : Create

Using our super simple Set-Up Wizard. Be ready to sell in minutes!
Will guide you through creating your account, your packages, tickets and pricing!

Step 2: Sell

Using Bookinghound’s business development & marketing tools.
Make empty seats a thing of the past with Bookinghound’s business development tools.

Step 3: Manage

Clients, availability, bookings & comprehensive reporting.
Easy to use client / booking management - all from one simple to use admin area.

Whatever size your business…

BookingHound has an online booking solution that’s ideal for you!
Designed with over 12 years experience in the Activity and experience marketplace, BookingHound helps drive sales, increase attendance, lower operational costs, improve productivity as well as customer satisfaction.
As BookingHound is ‘Cloud’ based, this means it can be rapidly deployed for your business within minutes and with our constant program of continuous enhancement, you can rest assured you will have the latest in software technology available to you at your fingertips.

Get started with BookingHound is easy