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5 Signs It’s Time To Change Your Booking System

Booking online is the go-to for many customers these days. It’s quick, convenient, and gets them signed up for events, appointments, and classes at the click of a button. Or so it should. But did you know that below-par booking processes might actually be putting your customers off? Here are the top 5 signs that it’s time to change your booking system.

Your booking system isn’t user-friendly

You might be offering the best activities, experiences, training courses, or events around, but potential customers will go elsewhere if your online booking system is more frustrating than fruitful.

When clients want to make an online booking, speed and simplicity should go hand in hand. Nobody wants to trawl through a maze of web pages, fill-out forms, and false starts before they make it to finalising their booking.

If you want to optimise your revenue, your booking experience needs to be user-friendly. If it’s not smooth and seamless, it’s time for an upgrade with BookingHound’s simple plug & play booking widget.

Your reservation interface looks clunky

You’ve upgraded your website, but have you reviewed your booking interface lately? An old-fashioned calendar and dodgy fonts could be a big turnoff for prospective customers.

Outmoded technology is a quick way to erode confidence when your customers are looking to make a reservation. What’s more, it devalues your entire website and even the services you offer. If your front-facing calendar is letting you down, it’s a sure sign you need to change your booking system.

Consistency is key, too. With BookingHound, you can customise your booking page with your business logo, photos, and a colour scheme to match your branding.

The checkout experience is slow

The web waits for no one, and if you’re not delivering a fast and engaging experience, visitors will look elsewhere. Your problem could be that your website provides a premium experience while your booking software is lagging. For those looking to book last-minute activities and day trips, time is of the essence, and it can be quicker to search for a different company than wait for your page to load.

If your booking system shows its age, it’s not just your customers who end up infuriated. Well-designed booking systems should be a breeze for your team to use. If yours requires extensive onboarding and is overly complicated, it’s time for a change.

Creating new promotions is a nightmare

Promotions and special offers are a great way to bring in new and returning customers. If your booking system is getting in the way of offering deals, perhaps you need to consider a booking system that makes the process streamlined and straightforward.

With BookingHound’s feature set, you can sell and redeem gift vouchers, offer early bird and last minute booking incentives and much more.

Your booking system isn’t mobile-adaptive

With mobiles taking a 56% share of global web traffic, your next booking is likely to come from a smartphone, not a laptop.

So, for real market edge, your customer’s end-to-end experience needs to be fully mobile-adaptive. There’s nothing worse than scrolling and jabbing at tiny boxes on a booking screen when a site only looks good on a desktop. BookingHound is fully cross-platform compatible, so you need never miss out on a mobile booking again.

BookingHound solutions

No matter what industry you’re in, there’s a BookingHound package filled with features to help you create a successful, tailor-made online booking system.

BookingHound’s complete set of business management tools let you create, sell, manage and more, to maximise your reservation rates. We also offer full training and tech support so you and your team can get up to speed fast. To find out more, visit BookingHound or contact us today.