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10 Hacks to Turn Your Online Booking System into a Money-Making Machine

With the lockdown period nearing its end, there are a few ways you can get prepared so you can embrace the rush of customers.

Not every online booking system’s the same. Here, we give you some of the most effective ways to turbocharge your online bookings with a few trade secrets we’ve learned along the way.

So, without further ado, let’s look at 10 tactical ideas to help you win more business through your online booking software.


A Clear ‘Book Now' Button

It’s imperative that your website’s ‘Book Now’ button is obvious and clear. The last thing you need is your customers becoming frustrated and confused when they’re looking for the product they want to purchase. Customers are demanding and will easily go elsewhere if your website’s online booking system isn’t up to scratch.


A Picture Tells the Story

When it comes to online reservation systems, images matter because they capture the attention of your prospective visitors. They deliver complicated messages in the blink of an eye and enhance user experience. So, where possible, use interesting images to entice your potential customers to book with you. The latest release of the BookingHound online booking widget is picture friendly and has been specifically designed for this task.


Make Information Clear

Presenting information clearly and concisely is one of the most essential elements of a good online booking platform. Whether it’s on your website or the BookingHound booking widget, make sure you display only the right amount of relevant and precise information to address any likely customer questions.

Too little detail may not address key questions and too much may confuse. This is where engaging with our experienced support team could help fine-tune your setup.


Don’t Hide Your Contact Details

You can put prospective new customers at ease by having clear contact information such as a physical address and phone number. If you don’t have an easy way for customers to contact you, you risk losing the trust of anyone landing on your booking page. The more ways you enable a user to contact you, the better. It’s also worth noting that Google rankings can also be helped by detailing a physical address.


Don’t Overcomplicate Things

Giving customers too much choice can overwhelm and lead to fewer sales. So, once you have a prospective customer looking at your offerings, don’t confuse them with too many options. Take advantage of our ‘deep link’ feature for our online booking widget which helps reduce the number of clicks a prospective customer may have to make in order to book.


Make It Personal

Go overboard. Express that what you offer is your passion. Communicate that you want to share it with others. Nowadays, the way you present yourself is critical and a real differentiator. And seeing as the online booking software on your website greatly impacts the way customers perceive you, getting it right is key. 


Show Everything You Have to Offer

By using the BookingHound calendar widget option, you can present a ‘What’s on’ view to show what you have available on a per month basis. Showing everything you have to offer is vital and a real-time calendar enables customers to book your free slots with the confidence that what they see is truly available.


Use Social Media

Tell the world about your offerings. Even better, have your customers tell everyone, too. As you’d expect, BookingHound has a social media promotion feature for both you and your customers to use. Let others spread the word for you! So, take advantage of social media to shout about your products. Being referred by your customers is one of the most powerful and lowest costs sales techniques you can ever put into practice.


Promotion Codes

The use of selective and targeted promotion codes can make a big difference, especially if they’re used to fill the capacity at the times you aren’t busy. Promotion codes work because they offer an incentive on purchases that benefits both the customer and your business. Your customers get the product at a reduced price while your business generates revenue.


Use Sales Channels

Leverage additional sales via third parties and sales affiliates. Yes, you pay them a fee, but it’s a booking you might not have otherwise had. Selling your products via third party sales channels can help in expanding your business and bring awareness of your offerings to new markets. It’s easier than you might think with BookingHound’s extensive range of options, including our ‘Channel Manger’ feature which facilitates a connection to over 70 destination websites and niche distributors.

From using eye-catching images to capture customers’ attention to featuring a clear ‘Book Now’ button on your website booking system, we’re sure these 10 tips will help boost your online bookings.

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